Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Dick Turpin and the Lawyer

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Dick Turpin and the Lawyer

Dick Turpin and the Lawyer

As Turpin was a riding across the moor
There he saw a lawyer riding on before.
Turpin, riding up to him, said, "Are you not afraid
To meet Dick Turpin, that mischievous blade?"

cho: Singing Eh ro, Turpin I ro.

Says Turpin to the lawyer for to be cute,
"I hid my money into my boot."
Says the lawyer to Turpin, "He can't find mine,
For I hid it in the cape of my coat behind."

They rode along together to the foot of the hill,
When Turpin bid the lawyer to stand still,
Saying, "The cape of your coat it must come off,
For my horse is in want of a new saddle-cloth.

Turpin robbed the lawyer of all his store;
He told him to go home and he would get more;
"And the very first town you do come in
You can tell them you was robbed by Dick Turpin."

From Ballads and Sea Songs from Nova Scotia, Mackenzie
Collected from Richard Hines
DT #570
Laws L10
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