Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Darby Ram

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The Darby Ram

The Darby Ram

They brought the beast to Derbytown,
And drove him with a stick,
And all the girls in Derbytown
Paid a quarter to see his

cho: Maybe you don't believe me,
     Maybe you think it's a lie,
     [But] if you'd been down to Derbytown
     You'd seen the same as I.

The legs upon this monster,
They grew so far apart,
That all the girls in Derbytown
Could hear him when he

The hair upon this monster,
It grew so very thick,
That none of the girls in Derbytown
Could see the head of his

The horns upon this monster,
They grew up solid brass.
One grew out of his forehead
And the other grew out of his

And when this beast got hungry,
They mostly fed him grass.
They did not put it in his mouth;
But shoved it up his

He did not care for grass so much;
He always wanted duck.
But every time he ate a bird,
He had to take a

The garbage bill was awful,
And it cost us quite a bit,
But we had to keep a special truck
To haul away the

There's something else I'd like to say,
Now what do you think of this?
The folks would come from miles around
Just to watch him take a

The girls that live in Derbytown
Will all sit in your lap.
One night a girlie sat on mine
And now I've got the

tune: Farmer in the Dell
American version
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