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Devil and the Farmers Wife(6)

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Devil and the Farmer's Wife (6)

Devil and the Farmer's Wife (6)

 There was an old farmer who lived on a hill
 If he ain't moved away, he's a livin there still
 Fie die diddle i fie,
 Diddle i, diddle i day.

 The devil came up to him one day
 Said one of your family I'm takin away

 He said Please don't take my eldest son
 There's work on the farm and it's gotta get done

 The devil said It's not your eldest son I crave
 But your own wife I'm taking away

 The farmer gave a snort, and then a little start
 Said Take her old Lucifer with all my heart

 The devil put her in a sack and he put her on his back
 And down the road he went clickety clack

 He dumped her out at the gates of hell
 Said Turn up the flames boys, scorch her well

 There's ten little devils in balls and chains
 She ups with her balls and bashes in their brains

 There's ten more devils up against the wall
 Saying Take her back Daddy or she'll murder us all

 So he put her in the sack and put her on his back
 And up the road he came clickety clack

 He dumped her out at the farmer's feet
 Said Here's your wife back safe and sweet

 Yes here's your wife back, safe and well,
 If I'd kept her there longer, she'd have torn up hell

 The moral of the story I now will tell
 About the woman who went to hell

 It shows what the power of a woman can do
 She can whup her husband and the devil too

 It shows that the women are better than the men
 They can go down to hell and come back again.

Child #278
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