Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Devil and the Farmers Wife

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The Devil and the Farmer's Wife

The Devil and the Farmer's Wife

I know an old couple that lived near Hell
If they're not dead, they're living there still
The Devil, he came to the man at the plough
I've come for one of your family now

     Whack full day ful lickety fall the dall day

Which of my family do you like best
Your scolding old wife, its she I like best
Take her away with all of my heart
I hope the two of you never need part

The Devil, he hoisted her up on his back
No peddler was ever so proud of his pack
He's carried along till he came to Hell's wall
She's out with her boot and she's flattened it all

Some Devils came down to put her in a sack
She's out with her boot and she's broken their backs
The Devils cried out from up on the wall
Take her home daddy, she'll murder us all

He carried her home in a tenth of the time
Take her back farmer, I'm changing my mind
What will you give me for taking her in
I offer no more than the wages of sin

If you want to be rid of this scolding old hen
You'll never bedevil my family again
The Devil did cry, the Devil did howl
But he never returned to the man at the plough


Recorded on "Borderlands"; Frankie Armstrong Music Plays
  John Langstaff, and Beech Mountain
Child #278
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