Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Deed of Entail

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Deed of Entail

Deed of Entail

To all treue xcian people wch
  this deed shall read or use
I Richard Ambler greetinge send
  from harte unfainedly
Knowe ye yt I for five pence paid
  to me in my distress
By Edmond Loyde of Wattlesburighe
  a gentleman doubtlesse
Haue geven, granted, bargained
  confirmed, lett, & soulde
Vnto ye foresaid Edward Loyde
  a plott more worthe than goulde
A meadow grounde yt has below
  cauled Elnors close cunnerigh
Which boundeth upon buttocks dale
  adioyinnge to the thighe
In lengthe extendinge westwarde
  & northward enoughe
From Clifton to a pleasant plaine
  alonge a goodly roughe
Vpon ye forrest side therof
  two little hillocks are
Which for my pleasure manie times
  I have uncovered bare
Within ye countie of Cuntington
  neare to Navill doune
In midst wher of ther springes a well
  yt cost me manie a crowne
To have and houlde to him & his
  whiles yt ye winde doth blowe
Whiles Sone doth shine & trees doe grow
  her water runnes belowe
With all apptenances are
  Intayle & not in fee
For ye reversion of ye haunch
  I still reserve in me
Yeldinge & payinge quarterly
  two nutmegs faire & rounde
Joyned wt a race of ginger
  must waye at least a pounde
And if ye rest shall chance to be
  by him unpayd behinde
Wherby my Nell for want of right
  with him a faulte shall finde
Then by this deede I doe provide
  yt it shall lawful be
For me to enter into her
  & straigne her secretly
And ye distresse wt him to keepe
  until ye rent be payde
For yt which is both right & due
  I will not have delayde
And I ye foresayde plott of grounde
  which still I must command
Unto ye foresayde Edmond Loyde
  against all men will defende
Some such yt have good right therto
  by evidence fayre
Whose lawfull wise therunto
  I mean not to impayre
Gainst me & mine I am content
  In specyall warrantye
Warrantia Charta otherwise
  against me shall not lye
I witness call to this my deede
  Sr William Clearke devine
Whose stalion ofte hath fed wtin
  yt meadowe plott of myne
He was a ready neighboure sure
  & headed well ye grounde
And used still to stopp ye gapp
  when he it open founde
He hath a pasture of his owne
  which is both faire & sounde
Yet he delights as manie doe
  to grase his neighbours grounde
This deed is sealed & delivered
  yet all not worth a figge
Untill there be possession had
  by turfe upon his twigge

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