Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Derroll in the Rain

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Derroll in the Rain

Derroll in the Rain

The rain fell on the people but they never went away
In an open field in Cambridge
It was there I watched him play
He sung songs of his homeland
And doved the valleys that he loved
Of the mountains and the wonders
And the great sky that they hugged

cho: He spoke about his music and about his love of life,
     About the people that surround him, his best friends and his wife
     He spoke of great injustice to the places he once knew,
     Ah nature how you've suffered, wherein freedom once you grew
     Oh Derroll was his name, his voice as gentle as could be
     He played his music all over
     Singing his songs for you and me

He told to the people about to the war that had begun
You know there killing one another father brother and son
He sang of an old woman who had children 1, 2, 3
Of the heartbreak when he told her how they killed her family

Yes I watched in the rain
From gentle voices word did sound
His wrinkled had that played his banjo
And all the people stood around

Sung by The Furey Brothers
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