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The Dandy-O

The Dandy-O

Tho' late, as a waiter, I ran up and down,
   With bottles, glasses, Claret, Rum and Brandy-O;
Now an officer I'm made, I'll have servants of my own
   And be among the ladies quite the dandy-o.

My cravat sticks out like a pigeon's breast,
   My hat so smart, my sword so long so handy-o;
Like a sheep's tail at each ear my hair's completely drest,
   And crops I'm sure you'll own are quite the dandy-o.

At concerts and dances the ladies I'll court,
   With words and looks as sweet as sugar-candy-o;
And then with fighting duels by the lord I'll have rare sport
   And then who but I shall be the dandy-o.

And when from abroad I return, as I design,
   With Jacob here to take a nip of brandy-o,
And who knows but in time he'll hang me up for his sign,
  Then Caleb, boy, I think you'll be the dandy-o.

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