Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Day the Pub Burned Down

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The Day the Pub Burned Down

The Day the Pub Burned Down

Pull up a stump and lend an ear, a story I'll relate
About a shameful waste of beer, I will elucidate
I'll tell of how calamity struck Wopa Kiwi town
And caused a dreadful tragedy the day the pub burned down

The boys were gathered in the bar upon that fateful day
The Maori and the Pakeha from near and far away
While listening to Manuka Jones, New Zealand's finest liar
We heard a cry that chilled the bones, "The flamin' pub's afire"

There'd been a drought for weeks and weeks, the wells and tanks were dry
No water flowed along the creeks, we've got no town supply
The blazing sun without relent turned all the green to brown
Imagine our predicament the day the pub burned down

Through smoke and flames we dragged the booze to safety through the door
We thought of what we stood to lose and rushed back in for more
Standby, the fire brigade is here; those men of high renown
Oh fireman, fireman save the beer and let the pub burn down

They bashed the tops of barrels is, while strong men knelt to pray
They shoved their flippin' hoses in and shouted, "Pumps away"
They fought with beer and lemonade to try and save the town
We fought and cursed the fire brigade the day the pub burned down

The moreporks haunt the old pub site in Wopa Kiwi town
Where madmen roam the land by night and hunt the firemen down
They curse the cash they cannot spend, their raging thirst to drown
Dry horrors drove them 'round the bend, the day the pub burned down

A sort of Kiwi Old Dun Cow
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