Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Dapple Gray

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Dapple Gray

Dapple Gray

I had a little pony,
  They ca'd it Dapple Gray;
I lent it to a lady,
  To ride a mile away.

She whipped it, she lashed it,
  She ca'd it owre the brae;
I winna lend my pony mair,
  Though a' the ladies pray.

I had a little hobby-horse,
  His mane was dapple-gray,
His head was made o' pease-strae,
  His tail was made o' hay.

(1) Chambers PRS (1847), 180; (1870), 19, whence Ford CR
22, Montgomerie SNR 85 (no. 103) [2.4 Gin]. (2) PRS (1826;
1847, 253; 1870, 114), whence SNR 82, no. 97.  MacLennan
SNR (1909), 12-13 combines the two. Cf. ODNR, 143 and
209 (nos. 127, 223).

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