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Cat Christmas Carol

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Cat Christmas Carol

Cat Christmas Carol
(Ted Hutchinson)

 Said the cat to the mouse, in their dark little house,
 In that stable so long ago,
 "I am wondering why that bright star in the sky
 Is shining upon us down below."

CHO:  And the night skies rang, as the angels sang,
         When Love came down to the earth;
         And the night skies rang, as the angels sang,
    When the Baby King had his birth.

 Said the mouse to the cat, as in wonder they sat,
 And they saw Mary's face filled with joy,
 "Perhaps that star we can see is to tell you and me,
 Of the coming of this precious little boy."

Sleepy shepherds they saw as they crept through the door
 And they brought little gifts to the child.
 As they gazed with love on the child from above,
 Mary turned to the shepherds and smiled.

So they happily sat, little mouse, little cat,
 As they heard Mary singing to her son,
 As she cradles with care, little Jesus so fair,
 This baby, the Lord's chosen one.

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