Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Cam Ye By the Kirk

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Cam Ye By the Kirk

Cam Ye By the Kirk

Came ye by the kirk,
  Came ye by the steeple?
Saw ye our guidman
  Riding on a ladle?

Foul fa' the body,
  Winna buy a saddle,
Wearing a' his breeks,
  Riding on a ladle!

Auld cutty pair, were ye at the fair? saw ye many
Saw ye our guid man riding on a beetle?
Shame tak his wrinkled face that woudna buy a saidle,
Wearing a' his breeks riding on a laidle.

(1) Chambers PRS (1847), 180; (1870), 19; Ford CR 22;
MacLennan SNR (1909), 34; NAE (1932), 14; Montgomerie
SNR (1946), 83 (No. 98). A dandling song.
(2) Maclagan GDA (1901), 256, from Argyll.

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