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Carrion Crow(2)

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Carrion Crow (2)

Carrion Crow (2)

A carrion crow sat on an oak
   With a ling long lilly dong kai row may
And he called for a tailor to make him a cloak
   With a ling long lilly dong kai row may

   Hey, falero, gil fin-a-garo
   Hey, falero, gil fin-a-gay
   Up jumped John, he's a ringing on his bell
   With a ling long lilly dong kai row may

Wife, oh wife, hand me my bow
That I might shoot yon carrion crow

The tailor shot and he missed his mark
He shot his own sow bang straight through the heart

Wife, oh wife, bring me brandy on a spoon
The old sow's fallen down in a swoon

Oh, said his wife, You're a silly old louse (goose)
You've killed the old sow and you don't care a mouse

Oh, said the tailor, I care not a mouse
We'll have black pudding, chitterlings, and souse

The old sow died and they threw her in a hole
The little pigs squealed for their mother's soul

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