Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Carle Sits Upon the Sea

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Carle Sits Upon the Sea

Carle Sits Upon the Sea

     The carle sits upo' the sea,
     A' his can'les on his knee.
     Ye's three an' I's fower;
     Shaw's the gate tae Aiberdour--
     Aiberdour an' Aiberdeen,
     Cragleith upo' the green,
     Cragleith aud Wullie Fair;
     Fat's gweed for a deer?
     For a deer an' a dog
     Cam' to warn Wullie Tod,
     Wullie Tod an' Wullie Tey,
     They were baith born in May.

     Lunon is a hard gate,
     Quo the eel unto the skate;
     Quo the haddock to the eel,
     Crook ye your tail weel;
     As weel micht ye be
     As the sheep o' Lunnerty;
     Lunnerty an' jeelie fike
     Staw the rumples fae ma tyke;
     Fae ma tyke an' fae ma tum;
     Gie me siller, gie me some;
     Gie me gowd, gie me nane;
     Ca' ma mither Jerry King,
     Jerry King and Jerry Couth
     Staw a pair o' gingers.

     Ten pair o' fite feet,
     Kent ye Thrumlie?
     Thrumlie had a mear;
     Foo mony bags did she bear?
     Ten an' the monyfauld;
     Kent ye John Auld;
     John Auld and Jeelsie
     Rang the bell o' Dousie,
     Dousie and Dulzie,
     Happiky an' Hulzie,
     Rotten geese an' almond waters.

     Greig FSNE xxiv.2, from Inverugie.  Cf. "Quo' the
     haddock to the skate", "The Dreg Song".

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