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Charming Beauty Bright(2)

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Charming Beauty Bright (2)

Charming Beauty Bright (2)

Once I courted a fair beauty-bride;
I courted her by day and I courted her by night;
And I courted her for love, and her love I did obtain;
I'm sure she had no reason at all to complain.

Then her father came this to know,
Why I was courting his daughter also,
And he locked her up so high, and he kept her so severe,
O how happy would I be to get sight of my dear!

Then I thought to the war I would go,
To see whether I could forget my love or no;
But when I came in sight, the army shone so bright,
It put me in fresh mind of my own heart's delight.

For seven long years I served my king;
In seven long years I came home again,
With my heart so full of woe, and my eyes so full of tears,
O how happy would I be, to get sight of my dear!

Then I thought to her parents I wouid go,
To see whether I could see my love or no;
But when her mother saw me, she wrang her hands and cried:
"Say, my daughter loved you dearly, and for your sake she died."

Then I was struck like a lamb that was slain;
Tears poured from my eyes like showers of rain;
Come all ye true lovers, come pity, pity me;
Come pity my misfortune and sad misery.

From Folk Songs of the South, Cox
Collected from Miss Myrtle Linger
DT #575
Laws M3
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