Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Cearc Agus Coileach

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Cearc Agus Coileach

Cearc Agus Coileach

Cearc agus coileach a d'imigh le che/ile
'mach tri/d na sle/ibhte 'gur briseadh a gcroi/
Chuaigh siad go Sligeach 's go Corcaigh 'na dhiaidh sin
No/ go ndeachaigh an sce/al amach tri/d an ti/r
        Mo choileach brea/ ramhar ar a chu/l sa Mha/rtan
        No/ gur tha/inig na mna/ 'chuir du/il in san fheoil
        Phioc siad a chru/b 'agus sciol siad a chna/mh' agus
        Chaith siad an la/ sin suagach go leor.
Da/ bhfeicfea/ mo choileach la/ aonaigh na Sra/ide
'Fhuip ina la/imh 's e/ 'cuir bra/ibe le ri/
Bhi/ pe/ire spor geal' air, den airgead de/anta
'Hata faoi la/sa 'gus la/imhi/ni/ bui/.


Mh/och! ars an chearc is i/ 'dul ar a' bharra
Nach buartha bocht imni/och deacair mo sce/al
Athair mo chlainne 'gus ce/ile mo leapan
Bheith si/nte sa phota 'gus leac ar a bhe/al.

For those who don't have Irish, it's the story of the hen and the rooster
who are deeply in love. It starts with " A cock and a hen went away
together. Out through the mountains until they broke their hearts. They went
to Sligo and afterwards to Cork, until the story went out through the whole
country". It is  a fun song of hijinks and escapes and ends with "Och, och
said the hen as she went on to the roost. How sad miserable and worrying is
the end of my story. The father of my family and my bed partner, stretched
out in the pot with a flagstone on his mouth!" (It's much funnier in Irish,
sorry!) JMB

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