Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
California Steamin

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California Steamin'

California Steamin'

All the songs are gone, (all the songs are gone)
and the sky is gray, (and the sky is gray)
I sought out a tune (I sought out a tune)
from the Mudcat Cafe (from the Mudcat Cafe)
I'd be safe and sound, (I'd be safe and sound)
 if it was "Galway Bay", (if it was Galway Bay) But

California Steamin' has led the thread astray!
California Steamin' has led the thread astray!

Stopped into a site
I passed along the way,
Oh, I got down on my knees, and

I began to say -- You know, I think this song is old,
I think it starts in A (I think it starts in A) ---
California Steamin', (California Steamin') please teach me how to play!

"This kind of song is wrong (this kind of song is wrong)
 You should go away (you should go away)
This site is for folk (this site is for folk)
In a trad sort of way (in a trad sort of way)

California Steamin' (California Steamin') has led the thread astray!
But if you don' t help me, I'll be lost today (I'll be lost today)
California Steamin' (California Steamin') don' t take this thread away!

cho:      All the songs are gone, and the sky is gray
     I sought out a tune from the Mudcat Cafe --
     I'd be safe and sound, if it was "Galway Bay"
     But California Steamin', has led the thread astray!

note: The Mudcat Cafe, the WWW home of the Digital Tradition, features a
   discussion forum. Some participants are vociferous about eschewing non-
   traditional material. There was a minor (?) explosion when someone
   requested the words for "California Dreamin'". RG
note2: I found this ancient folk song lying around orally on
     paper, and would appreciate any more lyrics if anyone
     knows them.  They seem to come from some ancient conflict. Anon.

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