Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Calon Lin

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Calon Lin

Calon Lin

I ask not for ease and riches
Nor earth's jewels for my part,
But I have the best of wishes
For a pure and honest heart.

Cho: Oh, pure heart so true and tender,
     Fairer than the lilies white,
     The pure heart alone can render
     Songs of joy both day and night.

Should I cherish earthly treasure,
It would fly on speedy wings.
The pure heart a plenteous measure
Of true pleasure daily brings.

Eve and morn my prayers ascending
To God's heaven on wings of song,
Seek the joy that knows no ending
The pure heart that knows no wrong.

[Alternate translation:]

Do not give me golden money
Or the stones from diamond mines,
For I want a heart that's happy,
Honest heart, a heart that shines.

Cho: Shining heart is full of goodness,
     Purer than the lilies white.
     Shining heart is always singing
     All the day and all the night.

Jewels glitter for a moment,
Then are lost in endless night,
But the pure and perfect heart
Shines with a warm eternal light
Traditional, translated from Welsh
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