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Chester City

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Chester City

Chester City

As I came down to Chester City,
In the dark hour late at night
Who should I meet but a fair young maiden
Washing her clothes by the broad moon light

Cho: Madam I'm a darling a-di-ro-didero
     Madam I'm a darling a-di-ro-dee

First she washed them , then she squeezed them
Then she hung them up to dry
Then she folded up her arms
Saying what a nice young girl am I!

Going to the well for a pail of water
Bringing it home for to make the tea
She fell over, I fell under
All the game was above the knee

Madam I will tie your garter,
I'll tie it above the knee
If you like, I'll tie it up farther
Madam I'm a darling a di-ro-dee

Madam you have gold and silver
Madam, you have tracts of land
Madam you ships on the ocean
All you need is a nice young man!

DT #846
One of many variants on the "Spanish Lady" theme.
Recorded by Frank Harte.
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