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Railroad Days

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Railroad Days

Railroad Days
(Norman Blake)

G                                    D
Up yonder hillside, on the Bear Creek run
See the iron rails rusting in the summer sun
             G                      D      (walk down)
The whistles silent now through the glade
No sound disturbs the white oak shade

              Em                     D
These raiload days, they've come and gone
               C                   D
Old iron horse wheels, they rolled along
                 Em                 D
Through green valleys, 'cross rivers wide
                 C        Em
With the whistle ringing, through the mountainside

And around the mountain, bout three mile down
See the freeway snaking, on into town
With high speed traffic, 60 miles an hour
Good by railroad my fading flower

Number 9 ain't running well she rolls no more
No you can't hear her mightly roar
Goddamn you semis, won't you pull your load
Cause you surely killed my railroad

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