Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Rose and the Briar

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The Rose and the Briar

The Rose and the Briar
(Alan Taylor)

 Beware the dream that turns to greed
 When the flower rejects the seed
 When the lover does not yearn
 For the swallow's swift return

 Too late the lesson has been learned
 The flowers withered the letters burned
 The fond embrace is just a breeze
 Like the touch of falling leaves

 Take this broken heart of mine
 Throw it out like sour wine
 Let it burn upon the fire
 For you're the rose and I'm the briar

 And now the years are rolling on
 And I think of what is gone
 For what I gained I do not care
 And what I lost I hold most dear

 Published by Homestate Music
 Source: Allan Taylor 'Win or Lose' t.records t.001

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