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Roving Kind

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The Roving Kind

The Roving Kind
(Guy Mitchell)

cho: She had a dark and a roving eye-i-i
     And her hair hung down in ring-a-lets
     She was a nice girl, a proper girl
     But - one of the roving kind.

As I cruised out one evening upon a night's career
I spied a lofty clipper ship and to her I did steer
I hoisted (heisted) out my sig-a-nals, which she so quickly knew
And when she saw my bunting flag, she immediately hove too-oo-oo.

I took her for some fish and chips and treated her so kind
And hardly did I realize she was the rovin' kind
I kissed her lips, I missed her lips and found to my surprise
She was nothin' but a pirate ship rigged up in a dis-gui-se.

So come all ye good sailor men who sail the wintry sea
And come all ye apprentice lads, a warning take from me
Beware of lofty clipper ships, they'll be the ruin of you-ou
For it was there that she made me walk the plank and pushed me under

TAG: She was a nice girl, a proper girl; But one of the rovin' kind.

note: The PC version that made a big hit for Mitchell and a lesser one for
     The Weavers/

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