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Ranger Fight Song

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The Ranger Fight Song

The Ranger Fight Song

Murder the f***ing heathens
We'll kill for any reason,
Onward the King and colours
And all his mercenaries;
We'll kill the Goddamn rebels
Burn the bastards' homes to pebbles
Onward the King and colours,
Up with the flag.

cho: Singing rape, rape the bastards' women,
     Loot, loot their rum and linen
     All we shall leave behind
     Are ruins and some pregnant women,
     If we die it's just as well
     We'll all meet again in hell, so
     Onward the King and colours,
     Up with the flag.

With torch and sword we'll ply our trade
We'll burn their crops and run a raid
With silver goblets from their altar
Mix our rum with holy water;
Musket butts will knock them under
Burn their town and take their plunder
Onward the King and colours,
Up with the flag.

Note: WPM was told that this was from American Revolution, but
     words seem to be more modern. My guess is that it's from
     Scottish regiments (Queen's Rangers) involved in
     pacification in Ireland. RG
tune: Scotland the Brave
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