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Roll Agememnon Roll

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Roll, Agememnon, Roll

Roll, Agememnon, Roll

Heave off, me boys, we're off to the main,
Roll, Agamemnon, roll
To load down ships with the dollars of Spain,
Mars forevermore.

They told us thirty ships of the line,
From France and Spain of tea doth shine,

Them ships from France and Spain do shine,
They'll not forget the year of five,

Well the guns did rattle and the shot did hail,
And every ship fought the fire and flame,

The streets of blood from the scuppers did flow,
And the blue sea rolled with the purple gore,

We'll burn their boats and flatten their mountains,
We'll cause their blood to flow like fountains,

From out of our side roared the British thunder,
That's how we'll keep our enemies under

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