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Ragged But Right(2)

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Ragged But Right (2)

Ragged But Right (2)
(Riley Pucket)

I come here to tell you people I'm ragged but right
I'm a thief and a gambler, I get drunk every night
I get a porterhouse steak three times a day for my board
That's more than any loafer in this town can afford

A big electric fan to keep me cool while I sleep
A little baby girl plays around at my feet
I'm a ramblin gambler and I'm drunk every night
I tell you boys I'm ragged but right

CHO: I go everywhere, I don't pay no fare
     I can ride a freight train just anywhere
     If I win or lose, I don't get no blues
     Oh it's gambling and rollling for me

I hopped on a freight train in North Caroline
Rode down to atlanta and bought me some shine
Went into a card game with 39 cents
Came out with enough for another month's rent

Well you may think I'm bragging but don't get me wrong
I can't run for office while I'm singing this song
I'm a thief and a gambler and I'm drunk every night
I tell you boys I'm ragged but right.

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