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Michael Dwyer

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Michael Dwyer

Michael Dwyer
(Peadar Kearney / Paddy Heaney)

Have you heard of Michael Dwyer and his mountain men?
Runs your blood like molten fire when you hear again
How he dashed like mountain torrent on his country's bitter foes
Like a thundering, tearing torrent on the craven Yeos?

cho: Here's the chorus, chant it loudly on the still night air
     As the war shout rises proudly o'er the trumpet's blair
     Chant it! Peal it! Till it echoes over ev'ry hill and glen
     Here's to gallant Michael Dwyer and his mountain men

When the stars of freedom vanished and our flag went down
And the nation's hope was banished from each vale and town
Borne intact thru' blood and fire Ireland's banner waved again
Held aloft by Michael Dwyer and his mountain men

Still the nation's hopes are burning as they burned of yore
And the young and strong are yearning for the battle's roar
But the blessed star of liberty shall never blaze again
Till we strike like Michael Dwyer and his mountain men

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