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Mary Ann 2

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Mary Ann 2

Mary Ann 2

Some boyos when they go out courtin'
Sure they haven't the spunk of a mouse
They'll stand on the corner and whistle
They're afraid to go into the house
But I walk in the kitchen with me swagger
As if the whole place were me own
And I sit meself down with, "Good evening,
How are you, old Mother Malone?"

  So I kissed the old woman and hugged the old man
  Gave Johnny a dollar and I shook hands with Dan
  Fight for his sister, I'll do all I can, I'll do all I can
  And then I'll walk out with me girl, Mary Ann

Well, I'd only been courting her a fortnight
When her heart and her hand, I had won
So the next night I went to the cottage
The old woman, she called me "her son"
So I asked the old man for his daughter
His son-in-law, soon I would be
And he says, "on me soul, Pete McNulty,
You can have both me daughter and me"

Recorded by McDermott's Handy
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