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Many Times Before - Patrick Sky

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Many Times Before - Patrick Sky

Many Times Before--Patrick Sky

 If you look for hidden things, you can find them.
 You must open up your heart, not bar the door.
 Only love will break the fear you bind your heart in.
 Well its happened that way many times before.

 And if you go I guess you know just what you're doing.
 You know you're the only one who can decide.
 And I hope you find just where it is you're going,
 And that it can heal the million tears you've cried.

 When you wake in the morn and find you're lonely.
 And I am on some far and distant shore.
 Just remember it was I who loved you only.
 It just happened so don't worry anymore.

 And there is one more thing I'd like to say dear,
 Before you leave and tears they start to pour.
 I just hope that you won't hold it all against me,
 And say its happened just too many times before.

 Patrick Sky, Rabelais Music

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