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My Husbands Got No Courage in Him(2)

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My Husband's Got No Courage in Him (2)

My Husband's Got No Courage in Him (2)

As I went out one May morning
To view the fields and leaves a-springing
I saw two maidens standing by
And one of them her hands was wringing

Oh dear-o !  oh dear-o !
My husband's got no courage in him.
Oh dear-o !

Me husband's admired wherever he goes
And everyone looks well upon him
With his handsome features and well-shaped leg
But still he's got no courage in him

Me husband can dance and caper and sing
And do anything that's fitting for him
But he cannot do the thing I want
Because he's got no courage in him

All sorts of vittles I did provide
A sorts of meats that's fitting for him
With oyster pie and rhubarb too
But still he's got no courage in him

Every night when I goes to bed
I lie and throw me leg right o'er him
And me hand I clamp between his thighs
But I can't put any courage in him

Seven long years I've made his bed
And every night I've lain beside him
But this morning I rose with me maidenhead
For still he's got no courage in him

I wish me husband he was dead
And in his grave I'd quickly lay him
And then I'd find another one
That had a little courage in him

So all ye maids come listen to me
Don't marry a man before you've tried him
Or else you'll sing this song like me
Me husband's got no courage in him
I know you already have a version of this in there, but this one has
more verses.  Most of them are in the version performed by Silly Sisters TD
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