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Moving Fathers Grave(2)

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Moving Father's Grave (2)

Moving Father's Grave (2)

cho: They're diggin' up Father's grave to build a sewer;
     They just don't care to whom they gives offense.
     They are movin' his remains to make way for outhouse drains
     To ease the bums of some new residents.

They're diggin' up Father's grave to build a sewer;
They're shovin' his bloody coffin all around.
But Father's not the type to make way for sewage pipe;
He ain't gonna take this outrage lyin' down.

For his ghost will rise up nightly in the crapper,
And he'll haunt the place from double seat to drain,
And the counselors will quail, the aldermen turn pale,
They'll never try that bloody trick again.

Now Father in his day was not a quitter,
And I don't believe he'll be a quitter now;
No, he'll dress up in a sheet, and he'll haunt the toilet seat,
And nobody won't sit he don't allow.

And won't there be some bloody constipation,
And won't the buggers roar and scream and rave,
Which is just wot they deserve, for havin' the blasted nerve,
And muckin' with a bloody ragman's grave.

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