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Mahan Stein Song

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Mahan Stein Song

Mahan Stein Song
(Dick Parks)

Raise your steins to dear old MAHAN!
Shout till the bulkhead's ringing,
Stand and we will toast our tin can;
Let every loyal MAHAN man sing!

Drink to all the happy hours,
Dead in the water fishing;
Every night a different movie
And exercises every day.

To the sea! To the sky!
To the beautiful Charleston Navy Base!
To the wind! To the waves!
To the girls we leave far, far away!

To the cooks! To the snipes!
The Executive Officer's smiling face!
To the pitch! To the rooolll!
To the ships that refuel us each day!

Drink to all our sister ships -
Pride of the black shoe Navy.
"Pax Per Maris Potestatem",
And kick an Airdale every day!
from TechRep Ballads (the early years)
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