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Monkey and the Engineer

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Monkey and the Engineer

Monkey and the Engineer

  G                           C   G
  Once upon a time there was an engineer
  G                       A       D
  Drove a locomotive both far and near
    G                             C
  Accompanied by a monkey who would sit on a stool
  G             A             D
  Watchin' everything the engineer would move

  One day the engineer wanted a bite to eat
  Left the monkey sittin' on the driver's seat
  The monkey pulled the draw, the locomotive jumped the gun
  And did ninety miles an hour down the main line run
 G               C        G
  Big locomotive, right on time
  G                      A        D
  Big locomotive, comin' down the line
  G                      C
  Big locomotive, number ninety-nine
  G            A           D       G
  Left the engineer with a worried mind

  The engineer called up the dispatcher on the phone
  Tell him all about his locomotive was gone
  Get on the wire, switch operator to write
  'Cause the monkey's got the main line sewn up tight

  Switch operator got the message in time
  Said, "There's a north bound livin' on the same main line
  Open up the switch, I'm gonna let him through the hole
  'Cause the monkey's got the locomotive under control!"

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