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The Ploughboy (2)

The Ploughboy (2)

There was a rich farmer's daughter in Sligo County.
Sweet hearts she had many of the highest degree.
She rode in fine splendor and was free from all care
Till her father's own ploughboy her heart did ensnare.

One day as she walked in her father's domain,
Young Willie the ploughboy was ploughing the main.
He whistled so sweetly, caused the woods to resound,
While the birds on the bramble were silent around.

She eased off her walking and lay under a shade,
While on Willie the ploughboy the whole time she gazed.
What won her completely was he sung a fine song,
Just to cheer up his horses as they ploughed along.

She called on her ploughboy for to rest for a while,
But he just waved back with a cheer and a smile.
Her cheek bloomed likes roses as to him he did say,
"You have fair won my heart, love. Here alone we will stay."

"Give over your ploughing and come along with me.
Give over your ploughing and we'll plough the deep sea.
We'll sail to America and happy we will be.
We'll say farewell to old Ireland and Sligo County."

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