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Pig in a Pen

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Pig in a Pen

Pig in a Pen
(Stanley Brothers?)

I got a pig at home in a pen, corn to feed 'im on
All I need is a pretty little girl to feed 'im when I'm gone;

Goin' on the mountain to sow a little cane
Raise a barrel of Sorghum to sweeten old Liza Jane;

*When she sees me comin', she wrings her hands and cries
Yonder comes the sweetest boy that ever lived or died;

*Now when she sees me leavin', she wrings her hands and cries
Yonder goes the meanest boy that ever lived or died;

Black cloud's a-risin', surest sign of rain
Get the old grey bonnet on Little Liza Jane;

Yonder comes that gal of mine, how you think I know
Can tell by that Gingham gown hangin' down so low;

Bake them biscuits lady, bake 'em good 'n brown
When you get them biscuits baked, we're alabamy bound.

*Not on original recording.
Recorded by The Stanley Brothers
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