Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Persian Kitty

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Persian Kitty

Persian Kitty

A  Persian kitty, perfumed and fair,
Strolled out on  a  backyard fence for air
When a tomcat, lean and lithe and strong
Dirty and yaller, came a strolling along

He sniffed at the perfumed Persian cat
As she strutted about with much eclat
And a-thinkin the time to pass
He whispered, "Kiddo, you sure got class"

"'Tis fitting and proper," was her reply
As she arched her whiskers over her eye
"I am ribboned, sleep on pillows of silk,
And I daily bathe in certified milk"

"But I'm not content with what I've got
I ought to be happy, but happy I'm not
I should be joyful, yes, I should indeed
For I'll have you know, I'm highly pedigreed"

"Now, hark," said the tomcat with a smile
"You must trust in your new-found friend for a while
You must abandon your backyard fence
My dear, what you lack is experience."

The joys of living he then unfurled
As he told her tales of the outside world
And then suggested, with a leering laugh
A trip for two down the primrose path

The morning after the night before
The cat came home at the hour of four
The innocent look from her face had went
And in its place was a smile of content

Two months later the kittens came
To that Persian kitty of pedigreed fame
They were not Persian, they were black and tan
And she told them their pa was a traveling man

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