Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Pity the Downtrodden Landlord

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Pity the Downtrodden Landlord

Pity the Downtrodden Landlord

       F         Bb              F
Please open your hearts and your purses
F7   Bb         Bbm     F
To a man who is misunderstood
   A            A7            Dm
He gets all the kicks and the curses

Though He wishes you nothing but good
   F         Bb
He wistfully begs you to show him
F7  Bb           Bbm           F
You think he's a friend, not a louse;
                F#dim         C
So remember the debt that you owe him
C#dim   Dm7      G7            C7
The landlord who lends you his house
   F        Bb
So pity the downtrodden landlord
    F7  Bb           Bbm
And his back that is burdened and bent
F#dim            Gm           C7      F
Respect his gray hairs, don't ask for repairs
    Gm         C7            F
And don't be behind with the rent.

When thunder clouds gather and darken
You can sleep undisturbed in your bed;
But the landlord must sit up and hearken
And shiver, and wonder, and dread;
If you're killed, then you die in a hurry
And you never will know your bad luck,
But the landlord is shaking with worry ---
"Has one of my houses been struck?"

When a landlord resorts to eviction
Don't think that he does it for spite;
He's acting from deepest conviction,
And what's right, after all, is what's right.
But I see that your hearts are all hardened
And I fear I'm appealing in vain;
Yet I hope my last plea will be pardoned
If I beg on my knees once again:
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