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Put It in a Cool Dry Place

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Put It in a Cool Dry Place

Put It in a Cool Dry Place
  (Peter Nappa)

Well I woke up in the morning
The place was such a wreck
And I couldn't reach the bathroom
Thought I'd better clear the deck
I tried to call a lawyer
And asked him what to do
He referred me to his doctor
Who referred me back to you
And when you checked the manual
You kept inside the case
It said, "Put it in a cool dry place."

I drove around the city
Looking for a room
But the only cash we had
Was the scent from your perfume
When I suggest the mountains
You thought it worth a peek
But by the time we get there
You tell me not to speak
It happens all the time
When I try to plead my case
You say, "Put it is a cool dry place."

Cho: I'd be better off without you
     And I know you think about it too
     When I say, "I'll get a lawyer."
     You say, "Don't you remember when?"
     So then I reconsider
     And here we go again

Each day I go to work
'Cause that's what I have to do
You think I'm such a jerk
I'd expect no less from you
At night when I get home
I'm tired and out of sorts
You think that all I think about
Is what's inside my shorts
I crawl into my bed
Great expectations on my face
You say, "Put it in a cool dry place."

I'm tired of all the put downs
And all the snide remarks
You're a series of explosions
When all I want are sparks
I need for this to end
With my sanity intact
You think I'm going crazy
On a locomotive track
I ask for understanding
You can't look me in the face
You say, "Put it in a cool dry place."

Now I'm looking for revenge
For the rotten stinking life
From my one time best companion
Who then turned into a wife
She's sleeping in the kitchen
So peaceful and serene
My problems now have ended
I think you know what I mean
The hearse comes to the door
And with a grin upon my face
I say, "Put her in a cool dry place."

music from Traveling Wilburys
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