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Please Mr Conductor

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Please Mr. Conductor

Please Mr. Conductor

The Lightng Express from the depot so grand
Had just pulled out on its way;
All of the passengers who were on board
Seemed to be happy and gay,
Except a young lad in a seat by himself,
Reading a letter he had;
'Twas plain tobe seen by the tears in his eyes
That the contents in it made him sad.

The stern old conductor who passed through the car,
Taking tickets from everyone there,
Finally reached the little boy's ride
And gruffly demanded his fare;
"I have no ticket," the boy replied,
But I'll pay you back some day."
"I'll have to put you off the next station," he said,
But stopped when he heard the buy say:

cho: "Please, mister conductor.
     Don't put me off of your train,
     For the best friend I have in this whole wide world
     Is waiting for me in vain;
     Expected to die any moment,
     And may not live through the day:
     I want to bid mother goodbye, sir,
     Before God takes her away."

A little girl in a seat close by
Said, "To put that boy off, it's a shame."
So taking his hat, a collection she made,
And soon paid his way on the train.
"l'm obliged tu you, miss, for your kindness to me
"You're welcome. I'm sure, never fear."
Each time the conductor came through the car
These words seemed to ring in his ear:

Recorded by The Blue Sky Boys
From Scalded To Death By the Steam
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