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Philosophic Man

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Philosophic Man

Philosophic Man
(Bill Wisdom)

Distinctions buzzin' through my head......
Everything that Plato said.....
I almost always understand
'Cause I'm a philosophic man

I hunt them concepts all day long,
Write 'em up and then I'm on
To split whatever hairs I can
'Cause I'm a philosophic man

This University's my home,
And from this place I'll never roam
For I'm the leader of the clan
Known as the philosophic man

And when I stroll through Germantown
All the people crowd around
For they just want to shake the hand
Of the top philosophic man

Some people search this world for fame
But formal logic is my game
And all the clutter in my mind
Proves I'm the philosophic kind.

  To the tune of "Alligator Man"

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