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Paddle Down the Rahway

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Paddle Down the Rahway

Paddle Down the Rahway
(Kim Wallach)

1. The lanterns are hung from the boughs of the trees,
   The colored lights dance in the soft summer breeze,
   Late in the evening the fireworks begin,
   When we reach Nomahegan Park

   And we'll paddle down the Rahway,
   Just me and you, in a rented canoe,
   And we'll paddle down the Rahway,
   'Til we reach Nomahegan Park

2. My brother plays trumpet in Cranford's brass band,
   When they play the first waltz, will you give me your hand
   And we'll dance in the grass, wet with warm evening dew,
   When we reach Nomahegan Park.

3. The ducks share the water with floats made of flowers,
   We'll chat with our friends through the long evening hours,
   A picnic repast and a slow paddle home,
   Upstream from Nomahegan Park.
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