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Puff the Magic Drag-on

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Puff the Magic Drag-on

Puff the Magic Drag-On

Puff the magic drag-on grows by a dam
And flourishes green and plentiful in a place called Vietnam
Little Jackie GI loved to smoke that stuff
And when the Sergeant wasn't there, he'd love to have a puff ....on


He'd bought it down in Saigon and smoked it on the sly
Until one day quite unaware the Sergeant caught him high
Little Jackie GI didn't know what to do
But it turned out alright because the Sergeant smoked it too...


Together they went downtown to a dingy little bar
And there they sat with Puff rolled up in cheap Saigon cigar
When in there walked a Major and caught them on Cloud 9
But the Major said "that's OK chaps, I get like that some time on..."


They smoked it after curfew in that dingy little bar
'Twas 11 O'Clock before they realised they'd gone too far
When in there walked a Colonel and their faces winced with pain
But the Colonel said "that's kid's stuff men, get with it on cocaine *


* or maybe Champagne.....

note: I got this parody of "Puff the Magic Dragon" from my brother Mick.
He got it from local singer, Jim Buchanan. I don't know where Jim got it
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