Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Plea for One World

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A Plea for One World

A Plea for One World

(EA    B   E   -)
A plea for one world
(A F     -  - E  D  F      E)
Is heard in many different lands.
(E   D  C   D    C  B C)
This is the plea of a world
(B   A  B  A   G#  A)
That is hungry for peace.
(A  BG# A   B    G#A B)
Let all men come together,
(C  DB  C   D    B C D)
Let all men live together,
(E  -    F  E    A   C D   E  D)
Striving to make the world better,
(C  -    -     B     A   -)
Pledging their lives for peace


We think this was a song of the Young Pioneers translated from
the Russian.

Sung as an 8 part round
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