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Pat Molloy

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Pat Molloy

Pat Molloy

Pat Molloy was an Irish boy, he left the County Clare
He said he'd go to London for to see what sites were there
He often heard that London was a very pretty place
Well begod says Pat I'll go there so, to see it that's the case

cho: Rally ra da diddle di do right fal de de

But when he got to London, well he had a big surprise
For the site of that great city nearly dazzled Paddy's eyes
One day as he's going down the street, meditating to himself
He spied a ragid Cockney and a donkey selling delph

Now the damn auld ragid Cockny wouldn't let poor Paddy pass
Saying speak unto to your brother and the pointed to the ass
Begod says Pat I never thought I had a brother here
And turning round he whispered something in the ass's ear

Now when speaking to the donkey, well boys what did he do?
He slipped a pebble in his ear.  He did begod 'tis true
The ass went mad, upset the cart, broke all the earthern ware
And the damned auld ragid Cockny, he went crazy clean and clear.

Well, the police they were called for to put poor Pat in charge
Saying apprehend this vagabond, he should not be at large
Begone you English Spailpin then says Paddy with a smile
You thought I was an ass because I came from Eireann's Isle

That's nonsense said the magistrate for you know the ass went mad
I do indeed, Your Honor and I'm sorry too bedad
Be careful said the magistrate I want no nonsense here
Now come and tell me everything you whispered in his ear

I will indeed, Your Honor. Your request I'll not refuse
For you often heard that donkeys are very fond of news
I thought I say a word or two, the donkeys's heart to cheer
And now I'll tell you everything that I whispered in his ear

They say that now in Ireland we have our wrongs redressed
Our noble-hearted Irishmen no longer are oppressed
We've got rid of all our landlords, Ireland to ourselves we have
And when the donkey heard the news, well be Jesus he went mad

The magistrate from laughing, he had to creep his head
When he looked on dear auld Paddy and the things that he had said
And turning round to Paddy, what a clever boy you are
And for your clever answer I'll dismiss you from the bar.

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