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Pele is My Goddess

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Pele is My Goddess

Pele is My Goddess
(Marlin Spike Werner)

Pele is my Goddess
     She has long and fiery hair
It serves her for her bodice
     What else should a Goddess wear?
Her heart beat breaks the planet open,
     lays it's juices bare;
One breath from Madame Pele
     Will vulcanize the air.

Oh, Pele, Pele, Pele, Pele,
Dance across the Heavens gaily
Spread your lava daily

Polynesian Gods assemble,
     Pele makes the islands tremble
Makes the oceans boil
     And whispers brimstone on the air.
Madame Pele gaily tinkers,
     syrup rock and pudding clinkers
Making heavy drinkers
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