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Parting Song

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Parting Song

Parting Song
(Dave Webber)

Soon the morning sun will rise,
And dawn will bathe the sky.
There's time for just this parting song,
Before we say goodbye.

So sing together one and all,
And raise a glass of wine,
Here's hoping we will meet again,
Along the road of time.

We've shared our stories, yours and mine,
We've shared our hopes and fears.
With memories of distant youth,
We've both rolled back the years.

The ever-turning, fateful wheel,
Must cause our ways to part.
And bringing untold mysteries,
Another day will start.

For from endings come beginnings,
From the old shall come the new,
With hopes for tomorrow,
We'll see our parting through.

Transcribed from the singing of Johnny Collins on "Now & Then." From the notes t
o the CD, Dave wrote this " a memorial to a dear friend, now departed."
The song is also available on the 1993 CD called Together - Solo, by Dave Webber
 and Anni Fentiman. Here's what's said in the CD booklet:
Dave was having a very long and honest conversation with a very close friend in
the small hours of the morning when the realisation dawned that time was running
 out. It was the last conversation of its kind that they were to have, and Dave
wrote this song in memory of a true friend and to serve as a parting song for an
y circumstance.
The song is dedicated to the memory of John Purdy of Torquay (1927-1993)
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