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Pearl Bryan(3)

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Pearl Bryan (3)

Pearl Bryan (3)

In Greencastle lived a maiden
She was known the wide world o'er
She was murdered by Scots Jackson
Whom she fondly did adore.

Yes, she loved him very dearly
For she was both bright and gay,
And she trusted in him fully
And by him was led astray.

When she told him her sad story,
And he knew that it was true,
Then he grew so discouraged
That he knew not what to do.

Then he called on his friend Walling
For to seek advice and aid
And they held a consolation [consultation]
And the daring plot was made

In a cab one rainy evening,
At the closing of the day
There came Walling and Scott Jackson
And with Pearl they drove away

Yes. they drove far from the city,
To a place so far from home,
There they left her body lying
Headless and all stained with blood

DT #755
Laws F3
From Eddy, Ballads and Songs From Ohio
collected from Rozetta Lozier of Perrysville
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