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Preston Guild

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Preston Guild

Preston Guild

Now Preston Guild is drawing near,
All sorts of people will be there,
Lords and Knights of high renown,
In coach and carriages come to town.

Merchants who trade beyond the seas,
Will there attend their wills to please,
And tradesmen too depend there will,
Increase the throng at Preston Guild.

The streets they'll crowded be all day,
And every night a ball they'll play,
Contests, sing-songs there will be,
Each evening to keep up the glee.

Butchers who sell their meat so dear,
They rise, they fall, they spend it there,
Their wives in muslin they'll be dressed,
To jig away with very best.

Badgers be pinching from the poor,
And farmers who have gold in store,
As fine as less resolved they'll be,
To travel by rail to Preston Guild.

Amongst the rest who'll walk you'll find,
Adam and Eve with tails behind,
And sights and queries there will be,
Increase the show at Preston Guild.

All you that come to Preston Guild,
With money well provided be,
For wanting this your case is bad,
You'll find no food nor drink nor bed.

A bed of straw is very high,
And in the streets at night they lie,
For barn and stable charge there'll be,
A shilling a night at Preston Guild.

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