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Packrat Philosophy

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Packrat Philosophy

Packrat Philosophy
(Peter Krug 1987)

Are you really gonna throw that old thing away?
It's a little bit broken, but it's perfectly good!
People always tell me I'm really a chump.
I'll take the TV antenna that you're throwin' away.
Just can't stand to see things go to the dump,
And maybe I'll fix one of my TVs some day.

Are you throwin' it away?  Will you give it to me?
I'm a hard core pack rat, yes'sirree.
I don't care if it's useless, as long as it's free,
That's the packrat philosophy.
If you don't want it, give it to me, to me.
If you don't want it, give it to me.

I got barrels in the basement, I got crates in the woodshed,
My attic's so full that the ceiling sinks down.
All of my closets are packed to the rafters,
Plastic-covered piles all over the ground.
My front porch is packed with tables and sofas,
Back porch packed with buckets that leak.
Things in my pantry and under my bed,
And my brand new barn -- well, I filled it last week.

I got rusty old bedsprings, broken-down porch swings,
Golf carts, truck parts, windows and door,
TVs and radios, half a ton of old clothes,
Aluminum siding and 2 x 4s.
Buckets full of roof tar, screws and washer in a jar,
Toasters and irons and a washing machine,
Dented-up tin pails packed full of bent nails,
Seven hundred pounds of old LIFE magazines.

Bath towels, stuff owls, freezer full of hog jowls,
Pieces of a bench from an old city park,
Lawn chairs, teddy bears won at county fairs,
Statues of Jesus that glow in the dark,
Moose head, Murphy bed, bucket full of plumber's lead,
Big wheels, rods, reels, sinkers and hooks,
Flower pots, box tops, sling shots, army cots,
Nine thousand, seven hundred paperback books,
Chevrolet carburetor, mask of Darth Vader,
Chipped-up sink and a broken commode,
Crates full of Mason jars, motorcycle handlebars,
Hub caps, mud flaps, Lord what a load!

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