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Provincials Farewell

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Provincial's Farewell

Provincial's Farewell
(Harry & Sandy Berkowitz)

Goodbye to Toms River and Barnegat Bay
Farewell to the ocean strand
Goodbye to the friends so dear unto me
I'm bound for a foreign land

    For i'm going away where the penguins play
    All in the ice and snow
    Where the Monongahela and the Allegheny
    Join the raging Ohio

Ft. Monmouth, Ft. Monmouth I've learned all your ways
I've studied your lessons true
And now that I'm leaving I'm fully prepared
For what Pirates and Stealers do

I've heard tell that it rains all the time
That the sun is seldom seen
They say that the corn grows ten feet high
And that carnegie mellons grow green

See that little turtle dove
As she scorns me from the tree
She says that her nest is all paid up
But that can't be said of me

Look up and down that long lonesome road
But do not shed a tear
For I am sure we'll meet by and by
At the "your favorite gathering" next year

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