Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Wreck of the Huron

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The Wreck of the Huron

The Wreck of the Huron

On a dark and stormy night
When orders came to sail
Mountain high the billows rolled
And louder blew the gale.

cho: Toll, toll the bell
     For the loss of the Huron crew;
     We'll mourn and weep the sad, sad fate
     Of the noble boys in blue.

The Captain and the heroes
Lined upon her deck
Awaiting for the fatal hour
When she would be a wreck.

Our brave and noble Captain says,
"Each man reserve his post
To keep the sinking ship off
Carolina's sandy coast."

Our brave and noble Captain
And officers in command
Stood as statues of old
Till the Huron struck the sand.

"Pump, pump my boys,
Our precious lives to save!"
But sad the fate, it was too late-
They met a watery grave.

Oh God! it was too late,
For on the sands she tossed
And amid the cruel breakers
A hundred lives were lost.

Our widowed wives and children
A Father to them be,
For we will be lost in the breakers tossed
Upon a cruel sea.

From North Carolina Folklore, Brown
Collected from Miss Pocahontas Twiford, NC

DT #727
Laws D21
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