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Winster Wakes

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Winster Wakes

Winster Wakes

Winster Wakes there's ale and cakes
Allton Wakes there's trenchers
Birchouer Wakes there's knives and forks
Sheldon Wakes there's wenches

This is it and that is it
And this is a morris dance, sir
Me father fell and broke his leg
And so I took a chance, sir

I dunna know, you dunna know
What fun we had in Bamton
Piece of beef and an old cow's head
And pudding baked in a lantern

My new shoone they were so good
I could dance the morris if I would
And if in a hat and coat be dressed
I'll dance the morris with the best

Morris dance is a pretty tune
Lads and lasses plenty
Every lad shall have his lass
And I'll have four and twenty

A toast let's call to one and all
And new ones we're befriending
There's none so dear as them right here
And a song that's near ending

Trad. adapted and recently remembered by MPW
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